what to expect


When using an infrared sauna, you'll experience sweating and calorie burning, making hydration and fueling essential. It's crucial to drink plenty of hydrating fluids before, during, and after your session to replenish lost fluids and support your body's needs.

Arrive Early

For your first session, you should arrive at least 15 minutes early. Our staff will check you in, show you to your private suite ensuring you are prepared, comfortable and know how to properly work your sauna

what to wear

Highly recommend wearing loose fitting, comfortable clothing to your session to make putting your clothes back on afterward quick and easy. Dress down to your comfort level during your session. Swimsuit or "birthday suit" is best, as the more of your skin exposed to the infrared light the better the benefit during your session

During Your Session

At Lustre, we offer a wellness experience where the benefits accumulate over time. Just like with regular exercise or dietary changes, it may take several sessions before you start noticing the full benefits.During your first session, you may notice that it takes around 10-20 minutes to start sweating. This is because our saunas heat your body directly, raising your core temperature by 2-3 degrees, rather than simply warming the air around you like traditional saunas. This distinction is what sets infrared saunas apart. As you continue to use our saunas regularly, your body will become more accustomed to reaching and maintaining a higher core temperature, leading to more significant sweating earlier in your session.

After Your Session

After finishing an infrared sauna session, your body will continue to work to cool itself down naturally. Refresh yourself with one of our essential oil nfused cold towels and place all of your used towels in the towel drop inside your suite. Your body just worked hard to rid itself of a lot of toxins! Be sure to rest, rehydrate and refuel.

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